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              Reliable electric push rod products

              We always focus on one thing, electric push rod (linear drive) Our purpose: quality is always the same, mentality is always the same!

              • Recommended electric push rod
                We always focus on electric putters
              • Industrial electric push rod
                Provide reliable and accurate electric push rod
              • Medical electric push rod
                Designed to provide solutions for medical care
              • Home electric push rod
                Improve the comfort of residential furniture

              Perfect solution to various critical needs

              No matter what challenges we face, our electric push rod products can be properly solved

              Putter solution for industrial automation
              Improving efficiency is one of the main keys of modern industrial production. Organize and promote the search for new ways to optimize production and reduce energy consumption. To solve this problem, improving the efficiency of electric push rod is one of the main keys of modern industrial production.
              Putter solution for agricultural automation
              Modern farming requires knowledge of animal welfare, process planning, storage and transportation, and business case optimization. Sustainable production and low loss of healthy livestock must be coordinated with efficiency improvement
              Putter solution for construction machinery
              When operating heavy construction machinery, the main concern is durability and reliability. Materials and applications must be able to work continuously under extremely harsh environment, and the safety of employees must be maintained at all times.
              Automated push rod solution for human settlements
              Take the building as the platform and use the automatic control technology to improve the safety, convenience and comfort of the building site, and realize the environmental protection and energy conservation of the living environment.

              Production base

              With assembly line, automatic assembly line and modern mechanical equipment, modern production and enterprise management can be realized

              Brand Story

              Wuxi Dongyuxiang Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the R&D, production and sales of electric push rods, electric lifting tables and related controllers and hand controllers. Now the company has modern machinery and equipment to realize modern production and enterprise management.

              Through the continuous improvement and research and development of the company's R&D personnel, the YMD series of products have spread across all production fields and are suitable for most working environments, such as solar photothermal, engineering vehicles, agricultural machinery, medical equipment, home automation, etc.

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              Founded in
              Plant Area
              3500square meter
              Innovative research and development

              Dongyuxiang insists on independent innovation, grasps the core technology of the electric push rod, and has been honed by the river of time. Through the continuous improvement and research and development of the R&D personnel, the YMD series products are distributed in all production fields.

              Dongyuxiang insists on R&D investment, maintains the technical level of products and services, provides efficient product design and solutions for customers for a long time, and has won the recognition of customers at home and abroad!

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              Product performance testing equipment
              Self-developed product series
              Honorary certification such as patent


              Here,you can take a close look at real-time hotspots and explain the electric putter information in detail


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